Planning our next Mission Trip

In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating this page with information necessary to join in our efforts to help the people of Guatemala.

Stateside Volunteering:  Many are under the misconception that to help the cause you have to come with us to Guatemala. Well we’ve got some great news for you! We need help throughout the year right here in our community in preparation for the teams that visit Guatemala. Whether it’s making a donation, helping us raise money, or coming up with new ideas on how we can help the people of Guatemala, we’re always in need of volunteers and we’d love your help! Please feel free to reach out to us and learn more about our programs and how you can help!

Making the Trip:  When traveling to Guatemala, we focus on several areas of need in the local communities. Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of the people in these communities that desperately need our help. We work to assist them in becoming more self-sufficient while improving the educational opportunities for the children and young adults as well. Our goal is to make an impact that will resonate long after we return to the states.